In July 2014, we stayed for 14 days on Zanzibar, the Tanzanian island.

On one of our walks through Stone Town, we meet qui- te by accident Zakia & Hans Agterdenbos. In conversation, it turned out, these are the two photographers and operate a small gallery in Stone Town.

We arranged for a couple of days later to a photo walk through Stone Town. Since we already knew the “normal” Stone Town, we wanted to see the “other” Stone Town now – and what is there better than to plan with locals.

So the Photo Walk started in a park, where the students sit in groups, chat and learn.

From there we went to the outskirts of Stone Town – just the part that a normal tourist so do not get to see. We met so many open-minded people, although only something carefully looked at us, but then it opened up very quickly.

We did a lot of conversations with the locals, the children lost their shyness and also the women, otherwise a camera is not so fond, were warm with us.

During these walk I have mainly concentrated on the faces of the people. The faces of both adults and children, reflects so much of these people, are so expressive that the photos need no further description. Everyone can make his own thoughts while looking at each photo and think of possible descriptions.