Georgie’s exhibition ended as an success

Yesterday was the last day of Georgie’s exhibition => see here (Facebook)

The last two weekends the exhibition was opened and we were there all the time. Met a few friends, a lot of new people and had some very interesting discussions.

Approx. 200 people have seen Georgie’s exhibition in these 2 weekends – so, in my opinion, it was a great success.

Folkwang Museum, Essen

The “Museum Folkwang” in Essen (Germany) is one of my favorite museums in Germany (Museum Folkwang)

The exhibition, that they show are (mostly) really great.
The normal entrance to the permanent exhibitions is free, only for special exhibition you have to pay.

In these photo gallery I will post photos taken in the Museum Folkwang.

With a young dog at the beach – part 2

Today we’ve been for approx. 6 hours at the beach.

Paula met some new friends – very interesting people and dogs.

With one of the fisherman she had a long conversation – but she wouldn’t tell us, what they were talking about.

With a young dog at the beach – part 1

Today we’ve been at the beach with our “leasing dog” 🙂 Paula (We call her “leasing dog”, because originally she belongs to my brother in law, but we take for often for a weekend).

We made a long walk, even it was raining. In total we walked approx. 8 km at the beach.
Paula had a lot of fun – running, digging and swimming,

It was great to see, how this dog enjoys it.